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Today is the first, last and only day of your life! A storm gathers in the cold wet light of dawn. You’re hungry. Ahead of you there is a large, heavily-laden wagon, and people on the wagon are watching you with deep suspicion, hatred and fear, which is normal, because you’re orcs.

Nobody likes orcs because orcs don’t believe in tomorrow, or yesterday. Orcs believe that we exist only for today, already fully formed and hungry, young, old or something in between, right now. Ridiculous! Except that for the characters in this game it’s actually true.

The purpose of this game is to walk a mile in someone else's shoes. You already know that orcs are irresponsible, reckless, smelly, dirty, raucous and wild. Now discover why! Live without a future or past, and let's see what you do. Just for one day.

This tabletop roleplaying game can be played as an improvisation with no equipment - not even a piece of paper or die. It could be played by a group of strangers stranded at an airport for a couple of hours, or by a group of friends fatigued and lying flat after dinner.

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